“Plum will transform wine the way Nespresso did with coffee.”

– Oscar Henquet, Managing Director, Rudd Oakville Estate

We started with a single goal: to change to way wine is served to match the way we live. Our vision was simple: deliver a fully automatic appliance that perfectly preserves and chills wine so we can enjoy it one glass at a time.

We were tired of wanting a glass but not wanting to waste the bottle, or pouring good wine down the drain because it had been open too long. Some nights we wanted a glass of red and our partner wanted white, but we didn’t want to open two bottles. And we were frustrated with waiting for our wine to reach serving temperature, and trying to keep it there.

We wanted to enjoy each glass just as the winemaker intended. So we set out to build an appliance that was beautiful enough to look great in our living room or on our kitchen counter, and advanced enough to fully automate preservation and cooling. We wanted it to be easy enough to use that it would become a part of our routine.

For love of wine™.


Our Founder

David Koretz is the Founder & CEO of Plum, the company that introduced the first super-automatic wine appliance that lets you enjoy a bottle of wine, one glass at a time, preserved for up to 90 days and automatically served at the perfect serving temperature, just as the winemaker intended.

David was previously the Founder and CEO of Mykonos Software, which was acquired by Juniper Networks in 2012 for $80 million. Under his leadership, Mykonos was awarded the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award and won first place in SC Magazine’s Innovators Throwdown. Following the company’s acquisition, he served as the Corporate VP of Products and Strategy for Juniper’s security business

The inventor of a dozen technology patents, David was recognized as an innovator by Bloomberg BusinessWeek in 2012. Though he is technically (and spiritually) a college dropout, he has completed executive education at Harvard University, Stanford University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. David serves as Chairman of the Board of Adventive. He is a wine fanatic, aspiring nomad and lover of all things street food.

Our Team

We are a team of technologists, hackers, dreamers, builders, designers, artists, customer fanatics, and of course, wine lovers.

We have built everything from Iron Man-style suits for the water to software that stops hackers from breaking into banks. Every day, millions of people use the products we have built.

Our passion for wine has led us around the world to explore wine and wineries in France, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Israel, Greece, Sonoma, Croatia, all over America, and of course, Rwanda (banana wine!).