Plum is the evolution of fine wine

Featuring a unique design and an automatic
process that gives you the perfect glass of
wine, whenever you want.

In the News

  • Architectural Digest Reviews Plum

    ”Discerning oenophiles had better make space on their kitchen counters. ”

  • Wired reviews Plum Wine Appliance

    "Even when the touchscreen is powered off, the Plum is something to behold."

  • "It’s time to toss out every wine gadget you have and check out Plum. Indeed, this is the most excited I’ve been about wine appliance in decades."

  • Robb Report reviews Plum Wine Appliance

    ”For oenophiles home alone, the dichotomy of moderation versus preservation has presented quite a conundrum until the arrival of Plum.”

  • Engadget reviews Plum appliance

    "The new Plum wine fridge stands firmly on the side of science."

  • "Wine enthusiasts require high quality, Plum reflects that commitment to its products as well."

  • USA Today Reviews Plum Wine Dispenser

    "An attractively designed, cleverly engineered tabletop device that holds two bottles of wine."

  • Plum will change minibars forever

    "The new wine tech that will change minibars forever"

  • CNBC reviews Plum

    "The ultimate tricked-out wine storage."

  • The Street Talks Plum

    "Can Plum Revolutionize the Way You Drink Wine?"