Any two bottles, served one perfect glass at a time.

Plum is the first appliance that automatically identifies, chills, preserves, and serves your wine.

Serving wine, just as the winemaker intended


Plum’s motorized needle pierces the foil and closure, preserving your wine with argon gas. An integrated, refillable argon canister preserves up to 150 bottles.

Any Bottle

Plum works with any standard 750ml bottle of wine with any closure, including natural cork, engineered cork, artificial cork and even metal screw caps.


Plum’s two cooling chambers are automatically set to the perfect serving temperature for each varietal, so you can have chardonnay at 48 degrees and cabernet at 66 degrees.

Plum virtual tasting room and content

Tasting Room

Plum automatically identifies the vintage, varietal, region, winery and wine, connecting to rich content that lets you step into the tasting room without leaving your home.


Plum’s 7-inch, full-color touchscreen lights up as you approach, displaying the wine labels and letting you serve a glass or just a taste.

    • serve wine for any occasion
    • enjoy food and wine pairings any night
    • Sometimes, you just want a glass.

      After a long day, enjoy a glass of white or red without pouring wine down the drain.  Plum lets you put any two bottles on tap and serves as much or as little as you want.

    • Be a better host.

      Offer guests their choice of white or red at the perfect temperature. You can let guests serve themselves at a touch, or even combine multiple Plums to create a wine menu of different varietals for guests to explore.

    • You deserve the "special" bottle.

      We all have those bottles waiting for the special occasion that never comes. With Plum, you can savor that treasured Bordeaux over a few days or a few weeks.

    • Temperature matters.

      You wouldn’t accept a lukewarm cup of coffee or a cold steak. Wine tastes best at the right temperature. Plum maximizes the flavor of your wine by serving every glass at its varietal or blend’s ideal temperature.

    • Road warriors rejoice.

      Whether you’re traveling for work or just for the weekend, have the perfect glass before you leave and enjoy the rest of the bottle when you return.

    Perhaps the most sophisticated appliance ever made.

    Designed with classic winemaking and modern aesthetics in mind, Plum looks as great as it performs.

    • Winery-Grade Materials

      Plum’s brushed stainless steel exterior and tubing are modeled after those found in wineries, to preserve the integrity of the wine. Inside, each bottle rests in a dramatically lit chamber inspired by the staves of a wine barrel.

    • Aesthetic

      Plum’s molded outer shell curves around a hidden base, giving it a timeless look in a black and stainless steel color palette that complements other appliances and works well with any room design.

    • Compact Design

      Plum fits on any standard-height kitchen counter below upper cabinetry, clearing standard counter depth. At a slim 15 inches wide, it won’t monopolize space.

    At Larkmead, we strive to ensure that every glass of wine our customers experience is perfect. Oxidation and temperature pose two threats to any wine. Plum solves both, ensuring each glass tastes exactly as we intended when making it. Plum is going to revolutionize how consumers enjoy wine at home 

    Cam Baker, Proprietor Larkmead

    The brilliance of Plum is how simple it is and how incredibly well it preserves wine, allowing you to have the perfect glass anytime. You never waste a drop and don’t feel pressured into finishing the bottle…ever! This is what serious wine lovers need.

    Desi Eschavarrie, Master Sommelier

    Most treasured appliance in the house aside from the air conditioner.

    Glenn, FL

    Plum will transform wine the way Nespresso did with coffee.

    Oscar Henquet, Managing Director, Rudd Oakville Estate

    I had high expectations for Plum…  and I was undervaluing it.  I got mine last week and all I can say is: oh, boy! This thing is state of the art.  Beautiful, practical, amazing…  

    Wesley, CT

    Plum’s design and technology shows it was developed by someone who knows and loves wine. Plum is going to appeal to those who care about every glass of wine they drink. The attention to detail is amazing and it’s damned good looking too.

    Mark Aubert, Proprietor Aubert Wines

    We are absolutely loving the Plum!!  And of course it is a source of amazement for everyone that comes into our home!!

    Michael, NY