Never pour wine down the drain again.

Plum automatically identifies, chills, preserves and serves any two bottles of wine one glass at a time.

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"The attention to detail is amazing and it’s damned good looking too."

– Mark Aubert, Proprietor Aubert Wines

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"It’s time to toss out every wine gadget you have and check out Plum."

– Forbes

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Every glass served  -  just as the winemaker intended.TM

Perfectly Preserved

Individually Chilled

Beautifully Designed

Fully Automated

How It Works

Plum’s automated system preserves, identifies and chills your wine perfectly for up to 90 days. All you have to do is decide when to have a glass.

Start enjoying wine by the glass.

Be the first to enjoy wine by the glass exactly as the winemaker intended.   Order Plum for $1999

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"Discerning oenophiles had better make space on their kitchen counters."
"The new Plum wine fridge stands firmly on the side of science."
"It's time to toss out every wine gadget you have and check out Plum. Indeed, this is the most excited I've been about a wine appliance in decades."
"For oenophiles home alone, the dichotomy of moderation versus preservation has presented quite a conundrum until the arrival of Plum."
"Plum is something to behold."